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Re: Poor BT support

You said it! My problem is not related to broadband (as far as I know) just trying to find out why my e-mail connection has gone crazy since I was given a mac mini for christmas. Maybe that's the problem because even now bt doesn't seem to recognise that there are quite a lot of Macintosh users out there and STILL don't support the platform properly. I have spent more than two days now trying all ways to contact and get help from bt as to why my mail sub-account has stopped working. My password is not recognised (yes, it is correctly spelled). According to Yahoo the account doesn't exist but when I try to set one up with the same settings it says an account by that name already exists so there I go going round in circles all the time. I put in a request for the helpline to call me the next day and in the meantime managed to fing a text message based helpline place where I was put in a queue for 5 mins when someone with an indian name texted 'thanks etc, I will check and get back to you shortly'. Another five mins and it announced that he'd logged off and I was put in another long queue and a different guy went through the same procedure saying the previous person couldn't help as he was in 'billing'? After asking why someone from billing was answering a technical problem he also logged off suddenly and   well...  that was that. I was a little miffed. Next day I had the call back I'd asked for and went through the same stupid rigmarole waiting in a jangly music queue and being told over three separate waits that my call had been passed through to the wrong department and please wait while... etc. Then the phone just went DEAD. Is this poor support or just taking the proverbial. I would be interested to know if anyone in management ever gets to read these customer frustrations. I seriously doubt it.

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Re: Poor BT support

Hi Briolio,

Thanks for your post, welcome to the forum.

Quick question, can you access your sub-account via webmail? I'm just checking as you mentioned there that according to Yahoo the account doesn't exist?

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