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Re: Price increase no notification

Hi all,


I havenʻt received the price increase email notification again (last year it was the same). I only found out once I was billed for much higher price than the normal monthly bill. I contacted BT but didnʻt get any help, they keep saying that they sent the email. Even after resending it I donʻt receive the email, now I canʻt even cancel my contract with BT because I didnʻt take action on something that I was not made aware of. How can I solve this problem? Iʻm really frustrated with BT!!!

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Re: Price increase no notification

If you ring UK customer services on 0800 800 030, you may be able to negotiate a better deal which will cancel out any price increase.

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Re: Price increase no notification

If it happened once before, why not change your preferred method of communication to letter ? so any further increases you'll recieve mail in the post, rather than an email.

If you do prefer to stay email, then add to your address book to make sure emails always get to your inbox. 

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Re: Price increase no notification

Same issue here.

I have paperless billing, I don't know if that makes a difference to this but I'm sure I didn't receive any notification in the post, and no notification by email.

I have this in my October bill, but this is the first time I'd heard anything about it. The first I realised was this months bill after I logged into BT to check something else.

"We've refunded what you paid in advance up to 2 Oct 2018 and recharged you at the new price
Broadband and Calls W16 Sep-2 Oct 18 £ 1.41
Refund: Broadband and Calls -£ 28.33 W16 Sep-2 Oct 18
This is a refund of the price of your Package which you paid in advance up to 2 Oct 2018
Broadband and Calls £ 29.74 W16 Sep-2 Oct 18
This is the cost of your Package up to 2 Oct 2018 at £52.49 a month."

My discount is £19.50, so it's like they've charged me at the new price plus £1.41 for some reason that month?
October being £34.40 (increase I wasn't told about plus ?)
November is £32.99 (new increase)

It's not like it's a lot of money, but not being told about it then charging me more than the price rise for one month is a bit...well. Irritating 😛

(And, going through my account I can't seem to find a section for communication preferences - if anyone can point me in the direction of those that'd be good!)

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