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Re: Problem accessing email again

I am in Hertford. Email fail from <1000 - clearly I am not alone. Really bad that BT doesn't respect customers with status info fessing up to the problem. - Their monitoring sw must surely do this. ??
My email is delivered on laptop / Outlook and on phone. Laptop this a.m reported password issues to BTinternet email, my other 2 accounts (Gmail / ISP) working fine. Phone this a.m. reported a password problem. I used browser to try and log in=fail. No list of emails and an error msg "try again later". I changed password successfully but still no BT email @1714. Is anyone from BT mgmnt reading this - if so clean up BT!! - I get that problems occur you could at least inform yr customers thru the status pages - just get the sw working. Anyone, can you suggest a reliable provider?
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Re: Problem accessing email again

Hi @straightwave, welcome back to the community and thanks for posting, I'm so sorry about the problems you've had accessing your email yesterday. There was a problem where BT Yahoo customers had difficulties logging in which has since been resolved, I apologise that the service status page did not reflect this.

 Are you able to access your email now? If you need any help post back and let me know.

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