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Re: Problem with new BT Mail

Can I just support anyone complaining about the new upgrade. it seems very slow and if you try to delete more than one message it goes to an error notice. there doesn't seem to be any mechanism that allows you to move up and down emails once you are reading one. perhaps it is there but I cannot see it. the previous arrows worked well allowing you to scan emails' content and then keep or delete and then more quickly to the next one. currently it seems you have to go back to the inbox each time. my main complaint is that it is just sooooo slow when navigating having to reload each time which just holds things up. if it continues I would think about a change. some action please BT. not sure how it is possible to go backwards with an upgrade.

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Re: Problem with new BT Mail

If you move your mouse about half way down the edge of your opened email, it will reveal an arrow on either side of the email which depending on which one you click on it will move you to the next or previous email.

See links and sub-links for other information regarding the "new" BTMail.

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Re: Problem with new BT Mail

Thank you for that info and the links. I will investigate. My main problem is that it is dreadfully slow and keeps reloading and sometime cannot reload so I have to start afresh.  the upgrade also doesn't recognise previously regularly used email addresses so I have to start searching for them some of which I have completely forgotten. So time consuming and frustrating. I still haven't worked out the system for acknowledging opened emails. OldGuard - Old Head!

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