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Re: Renewal of broadband term to keep BT Sport discount

Got the notification to do this so I went on the website and hit a huge snag that I cannot see how to get over it, as i want to avoid calling on the phone and tying up an operator.

I went to the page to do this, clicked on phone and broadband, which then automatically brought up my house phone number and account number.  Then clicked to confirm I was the account holder.  Then clicked on the contact details and both automatically brought up my mobile number and e-mail address.  Then clicked on continue and after a little while got  a message 'It looks like the telephone number or account number entered doesn't match the postcode on this account.  please check both and try again, remembering not to include spaces'.

I tried again and got the self same result.

Any ideas as to what I need to do to get out of this loop?

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Re: Renewal of broadband term to keep BT Sport discount

Have you tried where it tells to enter details of other phone line .just add your phone no and confirm and add email address etc below that could take you through . Let us know if it works

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