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Re: Renewal question.

I've wasted an entire hour on the BT web**bleep**e (that screwed up and then refused to take my details for a second time.) I've tried to call BT to complain and been kept waiting for over 20 minutes and still not got to talk to a human.


This is THE WORST customer service in any organisation I've ever encountered.


I feel really sorry for the customer service staff that have to answer calls from really angry customers like me because those that manage the company seem to think that automation is the only answer to dealing with humans.


As much as I DO NOT want to remain a customer of BT I'm stuck with them becuase they have stolen Moto GP and I can't get it anywhere else.


Rant over now to my question:-

The BT website steers me down a path that means that I'll end up paying £10 per month more than last year if I renew my contract. If I was a new customer I'd be paying £3 less than I do now. So overall I'm a lot worse off. 


I want to talk to an advisor about this how do I get to talk to one?


I'm now seriously considering writing a 'notice to quit email' but I can't even find an email address or an online for to fill in.

So how do I contact BT to close my account?? (please don't suggest that I phone them. Actually that's laughable for a telephone carrier - LOL).





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Re: Renewal question.

You need to speak to UK based customer options 0800 800 030 they should be able to help you.

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