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Re: Serious speed loss on infinity all of a sudden

A couple of times a week my upload and download speed via Wi-Fi drop to a snails pace. Normally I get 30Mbps download and 7Mbps upload. Often on a Monday morning I get 0.1Mbps both up and down on all wireless devices, the connection is reliable but unusably slow. I can solve this by connecting a laptop via Ethernet to the Wireless router or by rebooting the router. I logged a call with BT on this but of course when you run their wired test it responds OK so they are not interested. I have run Wi-Fi analysers on the area and switched wireless channels to and solve but the problem just seems to come back every few days. A faulty router maybe but why does it work OK 90% of the time and then stop out the blue. Any ideas appreciated !!

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Re: Serious speed loss on infinity all of a sudden

A WiFi analyser cannot detect other devices that use the 2.4GHz band, like video senders, which can blot out many wifi channels.

You should be able to find one channel out of 12, which works best. Do not rely on Smart Wireless, as it can only choose three channels



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