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Re: Service slow in RH6 postcode area.

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I'm having trouble with normal ADSL in RH20, for 11 years I have had a bullet-proof

reliable connection, that eventually went up to 8 Meg and stayed there for years

then suddenly about 1 week ago,I am down to 0.25 Meg download with an SNR

of 25 to 30 db.


Even more annoyingly despite registering on this forum, logging out and in

I cannot see the 'Post a new Message' option anywhere !. All I can do is

reply to other peoples posts.


Hopefully a moderator will read this and provide an answer.




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Re: Service slow in RH6 postcode area.

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Welcome to this user forum. @Taffia


I have moved your post to this new thread, so you can get personal help from the community or moderators, so please watch this thread for updates.


Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.


Which BT Home hub do you have?


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Re: Service slow in RH6 postcode area.

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there is a new message button on the top left of each forum board hope that helps
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Re: Service slow in RH6 postcode area.

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(I still do not have an Option to create a new post myself ????)




I started with a BT Voyager 210 11 years ago but it got so hot I didn't need any heating in my home office 🙂


As a result (also it only had 1 ethernet port) I went out and bought a 3COM 3CFRWDR100 modem/router and

that has worked flawlessly for 10 years. What's more, I switch the whole lot off at night, PC, adsl modem/router,

the lot. Then the next day I switch the whole lot on again and it stays on until I go to bed.


Apparently everyone else leaves their router on 24/7, but my trusty 3COM device always connected within

about 30 seconds and gave me 8 Meg immediately. (I don't use wireless at all).


Suddenly about 7 t0 10 days ago I noticed that Iplayer would not play ball, and then I realised that pages

with pictures and heavy graphics were impossibly slow. At that point I had a look at the 3COM stats

and saw a download speed of about 200Kbps and a noise ratio of 30db.


Naturally I tried the BT broadband help but as soon as the lady from India found out I had a 3COM 

router she said I would have to contact 3COM !! (who no longer exist). I tried again a couple of days

later and got through to a lady in Wales, and she was almost abusive because I didn't have a home

hub. Her argument was 'we sent you one so why aren't your using it, go away' ?. I think I chucked it

away on the basis that why meddle with something that works !.


Luckily some OpenReach guys were working at the green cabinets nearby and they gave me an HH3a

so then the lady from India did her tests and concluded that there are no faults, so an engineer would

have to come out.


I have a relative who was a BT engineer (joined as an apprentice in 1971, then spent years in most

of the exchanges in the epsom area, been up poles (and fell off one), down ducts, drove yellow Commer

and Morris Marina vans like a maniac, been into peoples homes to fit extensions and pabxs,

and then ended up in their video conferncing/leased line team). Anyway, I sernt him a photo of the way

my phone extension had been wired back in the late 70's or early 80's using a terminal strip behind

the BT master socket with the extension wire going back out, up the front of the house, through theloft

and into a bedroom. Standard stuff, and he said it looks OK.


Anyway I have removed this extension and now all I have is the Orange and White wires going to the IDC

connections 5 and 2 respectively. And the HH3A is plugged into my BT master socket.


I have tried both BT filters.


This has had no effect, download speed is still stuck at 0.25 Meg.


I have used 17070 and the quiet line test is quiet, just a very faint, barely perceptible hiss; no crackles.


It could be a coincidence but at the same time that I noticed the problem, a leaking  water meter was

fixed just uphill from one of the BT concrete chambers that could well supply the entire estate. They 

dug up half the pavement and most of the grass verge and this is right across the route the estates BT
cables would take. Call me old-fashioned but ....


This is what the hub shows :-


Information for Helpdesk agents
When contacting the BT Broadband helpdesk, the agent might ask you for details about your BT Home Hub. This page contains all of the information they are likely to request.
1. Product name:BT Home Hub
2. Serial number:+058720+1225029262
3. Firmware version:Software version (Type A) Last updated 30/09/16
4. Board version:BT Home Hub 3.0A
5. ADSL uptime:0 days, 05:43:47
6. Bandwidth:1170 / 287
7. Data sent/received:0.0 / 0.0
8. Broadband
9. BT FON:No
10. Wireless network/SSID:BTHub3-JQXQ
11. Wireless connections:Enabled, (802.11 b/g/n (Recommended)) 20 MHz, WPS enabled
12. Wireless security:WPA and WPA2
13. Wireless channel:Automatic / 1
14. Firewall:Default
15. MAC Address:<edited>
16. VPI/VCI:0 / 38
17. Line profile:Interleaved
18. Software variant:-
19. Boot loader:-
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Re: Service slow in RH6 postcode area.

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I see you have only been connected for less than six hours, why is that?


Unfortunately the HH3 does not display the downstream noise margin, so it not possible to see where the problem may be.

This information can only be seen at the BT end.


Switching the home hub off and on can be seen as a fault condition, and the speed will be reduced.


In order to find out what services and speed range you should be getting, please enter your phone number into this form.
Broadband availability checker

Please remember to edit out your phone number before you post the results.

Please can you please provide  results including the further diagnostics page?


This must be done using an Ethernet connection.


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Re: Service slow in RH20 postcode area.

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This house had an internal extension that was done in the early 80's, or since 1976 anyway.


I have removed the extension, which is why the connection time is low.


And up to a few days ago, I switched everything off at night. Have done so for 11 years.









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Re: Service slow in RH20 postcode area.

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You should be getting between 9 and 16Mbs connection speed.


I would suspect that you are in a banded speed profile at the moment, so you will have to leave the home hub on all the time, until the speed recovers



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Re: Service slow in RH20 postcode area.

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Morning Keith


Ok, but (and it's big but), why has this suddenly happened ?.


For 11 years I have had an almost 100% reliable phone and internet connection

using BT broadband. Initially the download speed was about 2 Mbps and then

over the years went up to a reliable 8 or so. And all the time I was using a 3COM

modem/router and switching it all off at night.


The only outage was in December 2013 when a JCB went through the main cable

a couple of hundred yards away and the phone line was dead for about 4 days.





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Re: Service slow in RH20 postcode area.

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There may have been something that has upset the connection, that you were unaware of.


Leave everything alone for now, no resets or disconnections, even to do a speed test.

Just ignore the step where it tells you to restart the home hub.


It should correct itself within 10 days.


Meanwhile I will ask one of the moderators to take a look at your connection from the remote end, as that gives a lot more diagnostic info.

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Service slow in RH20 postcode area.

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Hi @Taffia,


I'll be able to take a look a at your connection and run a few checks on your line. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?





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