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Re: Setting up BT Premium mail when leaving BT Broadband, Pulling my hair out

Hi @JohnC2 

Looks as if you have managed to resolve a number of problems with BT Premium email.  I dont want to bother the help line as leave it to others in current circumstances.

I left BT Broadband last year and am a very old BTOpenWorld email user (Yahoo user).  My email is but my 3 linked accounts for my wife and children are

I am trying to upgrade us all to Premium email but going around in circles. 

In Manage your Email i dont have a link option to Upgrade to Premium.

When I use the link in Help to “Place an order for Premium Email here” and follow the steps using my ID, it says that the password i am using is not strong, when it follows all the required standards (letter, numbers, characters, >8 etc).  [it also looks like BT has created an email address for me, are these interchangeable?]

To cap it all off my families’ email addresses are now showing as ”due to be downgraded”.  I thought i had linked these to my email which is showing “Active”.

Help please.



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Re: Setting up BT Premium mail when leaving BT Broadband, Pulling my hair out

Hi @GibbM,

I had a similar issue last year while trying to order premium mail.  Following the link in the help section, I  ended up trying to change my password on numerous occasions - which nearly resulted in becoming locked out. 

In the end it turned out that I had to phone the premium mail team and they reset my account password after which I was able to use the link successfully.  It is worth noting that not all members of the premium mail team seemed to be aware that this was the issue.

Hope this helps.



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