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Re: Should I upgrade Hub 3 to Hub 6?

I recently upgraded to Hub 6 from Hub 3 and checked wi-fi speed on both using 2 different Speed Test websites - both gave similar results. With Hub 3 I was constantly getting 60-70 mbps yet with Hub 6 I would regularly get 12mbps! The TV would often fail to connect and laptops will drop their connection.

I returned the initially received hub thinking it faulty, but the replacement seems to be the same. When upload is almost twice as fast as download, there is obviously a problem. I tested the speed at various times of various days and always the same speed. If I connect directly then a speed of 70mbps is obtained. Any suggestions?

Seems I will re-connect Hub 3 and only fall back on the 'modern' Hub (6) if the former calls it a day!

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Re: Should I upgrade Hub 3 to Hub 6?

If it ain't broke don't fix it.


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Re: Should I upgrade Hub 3 to Hub 6?

Did you turn off smart setup in advanced settings in hh6?

you may get better wifi coverage with hh6 but I agree with @gg30340   If not broke don't fix it

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