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Re: Slow internet speed at night.

Yup this is now beyond a joke. My internet is brilliant during the day & bam, 6.30 comes along & it goes to a snail pace. I'm a gamer & Warcraft is impossible at night (the only time I can play I might), so there's £9 per month down the drain, Youtube is unbearable because of the buffering & even Facebook is laggy.

I've had numerous issues about this before, it gets resolved for a while & then back to square one. I've emailed BT about this "latest" issue & not heard anything back.

I'm just just happy that my contract is over, because if this isn't sorted out once & for all, I'm off 🙂

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Re: Slow internet speed at night - new .

Welcome to this customer to customer forum.

To enable forum members to help you, please could you look at Helping forum members to help you which asks you to do a few checks first, and has some helpful hints.
When you have done that, please post the results here, so members can offer advice. Thank you.


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