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Re: Smart Hub6

I'm a new BT customer (went live yesterday) and so far I've had lots of problems accessing the internet using this Hub6 on both my phone and my partner's.

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Re: Smart Hub6


Welcome to this user forum.


I have moved your post to a new thread, so you can get help from the community.


Can you access the Internet using a computer which is connected to the home hub using an Ethernet?


Does the light on the home hub keep changing colour?


Are both your phones Apple devices?


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Re: Smart Hub6

Hi Keith


Many thanks for replying. I was on to BT support while I typed my post and they have done some tests and are sending me out a new router.

I seem to think it's a firmware issue as neither of us at home were getting very stable service. We both have Android phones - mine was able to connect to Google most of the time, but would randomly hang and say it couldn't find the DNS server. My partner's was able to connect to Google much less frequently and she was getting messages relating to the QUIC_PROTOCOL. I turned off the QUIC_PROTOCOL in her Chrome but then neither of us could get the Netflix app to work unless we went back onto our mobile data.


There were other strange things happening - would open on mine but would not load the final element on the page, unless I went to mobile data and then back on to wifi. Then I would get 50mb down/10mb up, which is pretty reasonable. However, when I tried to reload the page, again only 90% of it would load with the final element not loading unless I went back to mobile data.

I tried changing the IP settings on our phones to static so I could put in alternative DNS settings (I used Google and OpenDNS) in case the BT ones were playing up but that didn't seem to make a difference either.

From reading on this forum it sounds like my problems are similar to those who've also got the HH6 with latest firmware. Many users report that if they go back to a HH5 then the problems go away, and they also had no problems with older firmware versions.

So, I'm hoping a new hub sorts this out, but I rather think I'm going to be in the same boat if it is a firmware problem and there are no alternative firmware versions for me to try.





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Re: Smart Hub6

Hi Jon, 


As you can see from other posts here - there are a few things that you can do to try to make the wireless connections potentially more reliable whilest wating for you r replacement 


Switch off Smart Setup 


Split the Wireless Bands   2.4 and 5 


Also try manually setting the Wireless channels in case of interference 


I checked mine with 


Android 'Wifi Analyzer'

PC     Acrylic free  or wifiinfoview from nirsoft 


Having said all of that, it may just be a new hub/router  sorts it out  ( I know have a 4 and 5 and 6!)  and I still plan to go to a third party router at some point 🙂 



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Re: Smart Hub6

im having this issue aswell on my samsung s7 edge some apps take forever to load pictures or not at all i.e zedge wont display wallpapers just stays on the loading circle it also wont play mp3 again just stays on the load circle , manga rock takes a minute to load each page. 


switch back to my hh5 and everythings fine again

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