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Re: Synchronis​ing with Outlook 2007 - more problems

I am a newbie to the community so please let me know if I'm wrong posting here.  I have also had this problem since the change to the IMAP server last year.  Outlook 2007 doesn't always draw down all the emails from BT - sometimes for days.  The IMAP pop-up box appears at least half a dozen times every time I send/receive.  I have tried resetting my BT ID (which I understand is now the same as my email? As far as I can see the BT site doesn't lead you to bellieve that you can have anything else?) and password to no avail.  If I go back to POP3 I lose the IMAP pop-up box but get another one regarding passwords which is even more annoying.  BT help say that BT does not support email clients and that's it.  I had no problems at all until the change to IMAP.  And to cap it off I now have a separate folder for the BT mail (which it set up all by itself - cheek!) and no amount of pushing will make it consistently put the emails into my Outlook Inbox so I have to remind myself to scroll down as it is at the bottom of a long list of folders which I like to leave open and there is no way that I can see to move it to the top.

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Re: Synchronis​ing with Outlook 2007 - more problems

A few things. I'm not convinced BTID and email passwords are synced, not convinced changing one changes the other particularly if you are still on BTYahoo mail. Was there a reason to change to IMAP, POP3 is still supported if you would rather, I still use POP3. Try using your old password if you revert to POP3. Settings for POP3 are port 995 and SSL selected with Port 465 and SSL for Outgoing (SMTP).

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