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Re: Unable to access BT email and ID

I'm trying to understand why I have a MYBT U/N and P/W which was working well and a BT Forum U/N and P/W and then, just over a week ago BT told me I needed to set up a BTID!!  OK, so stupidly I completed the process and received voice mail and email to say it was all set up and my future bills would be electronic (they have been for many years!!). So I am then asked to log in a P/W to a 20 or so U/N - fails.  I ring customer service who seem to know nothing and we finally agree as my MYBT details still work I'll go back to using them.  Now I recieve a PIN number - Why??  What am I meant to be using, does BT know?  To add to the catalogue of incompetence of technology yesterday my land line fails although my broadband still works - more time wasted chasing customer service to be told to take the wall socket apart - no chance that is for BT to do.  Does anyone anywhere at BT know what they are doing?   

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Re: Unable to access BT email and ID

I have moved you onto your own thread because the one you posted on was marked as solved. It will also allow you to get specific answers to your problem.

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