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Re: Uploading causes drop

Hi @DumbarSteve  Sorry to hear that uploading was causing your connection to drop.

Did you get this resolved? If not and you are still experiencing this problem we'll be happy to help you get is sorted if you send us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods.


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Re: Uploading causes drop

Thanks @JohnC2 . No, no resolution yet.  I have sent the message to Mods as you suggested.

Many Thanks.

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Re: Uploading causes drop

Thanks for doing that @DumbarSteve.

I can see your email in our queue so it is there. As soon as we help everyone from the weekend and earlier today we'll get in touch and help you.



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Re: Uploading causes drop


Thanks for the call.

Just decided to try again and upload a 2.78GB video file to

17.4% into the upload the internet connection went down.  Looks like the HH6 just reset itself.

It's infuriating 😞 Never had this with an ISP before.

I can only assume there is some issue at BT's side, or indeed HH6 settings that are causing this issue as it has been suggested that using a third party router may solve it.  TBH I'd rather find a solution to allow the kit I've been given to work on the Infinity4 service rather than essentially going through 'hacks' to try and sort it.  Hope that sounds reasonable.

I'm more than comfortable playing around with the HH6 service menu's if need be, or happy for a tech to remote access and sort it for me.  Even if there's a way of setting an instruction to ignore any traffic management for certain sites (namely, and



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Re: Uploading causes drop

duplicate post - deleted

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Re: Uploading causes drop



Just tried again with another video file to


1505: started upload

1509: 1Gb (nearly exactly) later the upload stopped.

1510:  Got disconnected status, all traffic stopped.  Waited and waited, still showed broadband disconnected.

1517:  Had to restart HH6 via manager screen.

1522:  HH6 finished reboot, showed connected but no data connected to iMac.  Had to turn off wifi and on again to get data connection.

I have saved the event logs for this period if you would like them sent over.

A 10-15minute gap in service each time this happens.

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Re: Uploading causes drop

Slow down the file  upload rate until it stops the problem.

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Re: Uploading causes drop

Thanks but rather than simply find a workaround, I'd rather find a full solution to the problem that should NOT be occurring!
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Re: Uploading causes drop

The solution is in message3

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Re: Uploading causes drop

Once again that is not a SOLUTION, it's simply a WORKAROUND.

BT supply me with an expensive broadband service, and the equipment for me to use it. I don't think it unreasonable to be able to use it to the full potential of what I was sold. ie 300mbps download, and 30Mbps upload.

Nowhere did they say you can get 30mbps upload...BUT... you'll need another router that can limit your upload speeds so that your broadband doesn't repeatedly fail! That is NOT a solution, and if that is genuinely a limitation of the service I have been sold then it is a product not fit for purpose.

I'm still here and looking forward to someone who IS willing to help me find that solution. @JohnC2 is investigating for me and I appreciate that, far more than the latest two comments that simply suggest workarounds.

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