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Re: Usage monitor not updating.

All I get is a message saying it's down for maintenance. All this is very interesting, as my allocation should have been topped up on the 1st. It wasn't topped up until the 2nd, after which it showed 3 days worth of usage, at my typical rate, accompanied by a message telling me that based on current usage I would exceed my limit and should upgrade to unlimited. This would be OK if they had ANY evidence, but I've only had it for 1 month, and my usage was well under. After this, the monitor stopped working and has been "down for maintenance" since yesterday, therby preventing me from seeing my actual usage. Ist it Me, or is there some kind of game going on? If I think I'm being gamed, then ALL BT services will be out of this house PDQ and OFCOM informed.

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Re: Usage monitor not updating.

your monthly usage starts on the first of the month but the usage monitor is always in arrears eg.the 30th of the month is shown on the 1st of the next month to give the full figure for the previous month
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Re: Usage monitor not updating.

The usage monitor is being worked on this afternoon and it will be back up and running as soon as possible. If, after it's working again, you're unsure about what it is reporting for your line please feel free to report back here.

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Re: Usage monitor not updating.

My broadband usage hasn't been working at all for the past 3 months. It has always been showing this message:




Could it be only me that experiences this? I have already tried clearing my cookies and everything, but still appears the same on all of my devices....

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Re: Usage monitor not updating.

I average 4.6 gb a month, and am on the 10 gb / month tariff.  Nothing has changed in the setup here, but on 2nd July I  get an email to say I'm near my July monthly limit, and on the 3rd I get an email to say I'm over the limit.  As at the 4th the usage monitor says I have now used 20 gb - i.e 4 month's worth in 4 days.


I even turn the router off overnight and when I'm at work.


This is racking up a large bill.  After spending an hour on the phone BT insist their figures are correct.  Someone in India tried to change my wireless key 3 times, then gave up and said he can't do it, and he is off home as his shift has ended.  He suggests I try sorting it out myself, and to phone him back on Sunday.


Talk about banging your head against a wall.  I'll cancel the direct debit and they can take a run and jump when they send a big invoice through.

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