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Re: Very slow to open web pages

Hello .
I too have to wait a long time for many web pages to load.
I have good BT Infinity speeds to and from my system, but page loading can take up to 30 seconds for some sites. Also, many web pages appear to have loaded, then, just as you click on something, the page moves down (because someting else has loaded on the page), and you end up on some wrong page. This happens so many many times, and is very frustrating.

I had the same problem with on old W7 PC and a brand new W10 i7 PC with 24 GB RAM, on IE 9, 10, 11, Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

The same problem existed with Home Hub 3 and 5, and conecting directly to the OpenReach modem, and am now using a TP-Link hub. WiFi or Ethernet connection makes no difference.

I have attached to Broadband Availabilty and Speedtest results, and would be very grateful if you can explain what's happening.



BT Broadband Availability Checker30 Jan 2016.JPGBT Broadband Availability Checker30 Jan 2016.JPG

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Re: Very slow to open web pages

What security program are you using and did you use the same one on both W7 & W10?


When you changed from your W7 PC to your new W10 PC did you have the problem right from the start before you loaded any software.


Have you tried running your computer in "safe mode with networking" to see if the web pages still load slowly. This would help rule out any software problems.

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Re: Very slow to open web pages

Also adding to what 


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