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Re: When is fibre coming(really)no lies BT

I wouldn't take any notice of what BT says. I was told about three months ago (by a rather abrupt employee) that if I left it two weeks I would be able to order fibre and that the service would be available two weeks later. Well three weeks in and I can't place an order.


You have to remember BT is the spawn of Thatcher - who created a private sector monster which now controls all the lines - hence the terrible customer service. The irony is that the train from Ipswich to London is always full of BT people going to meetings in London from their big base in Suffolk.  If they had few meetings and got these guys laying cables we'd be fine.


If you want modern communication, you need to move to a modern country.

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Re: When is fibre coming(really)no lies BT

This thread is over 3.5 years old or maybe you didn't notice


try entering your phone number and post results. Remember to delete number.

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Re: When is fibre coming(really)no lies BT

Hi @hooky724968


I've started your own thread. 


If you can follow imjolly's advice and post the BT Wholesale broadband checker results (editing out your landline number/address before posting), then this will give you and the community a starting point to help you obtain the information you require. 



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