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Re: Who can I complain to about a new order being cancelled etc.!!!

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Ordered on 5/05/2015, online, via a Quidco referral. £160 cashback, £50 SB voucher promised.

Delivery of equipment date missed.

Phoned BT, told "order being processed, don't worry"

Original connection date? 15/05/2015

Requested to keep the existing landline number. Told this was okay, would be switched 24 hours after BB activation.

16/05/2015 - no connection. no hub. Called BT, still no equipment. There was a problem, because fibre was already active, with previous account holder.

15/05/2015 connection date changed to a new date of 26/05/2015.

Had to do a completely new order over the phone. New problems now because NOT ONLINE ORDER want us to pay more.....

We received the "delivery" we were waiting home for - a box that was designed to fit through the letterbox....landed on the doormat. No need to wait home....

Existing BB connection cut off on 26/05/2015

Broadband was supposed to be reconnected on 27/05/15.

An engineer called on his mobile to gain access. We had not been told one was attending/required. We were not at home either.

The job was eventually rebooked for 1/06/15. The engineer arrived at 8.25am, was there for 5 minutes, left for about 25 minutes (cup of tea i dare say) and then returned, and everything was working. Well, everything but the TV.

The same issues as the OP, paid 1 years line rental up front, via a credit card, paid £36.95 connection and delivery for the fibre/hub. No payments were taken, fortunately. TV package was ordered at the same time too. Its 04/06 now, still no TV.

Still waiting 9 days after original BB install date, no TV equipment. (It's supposed to be here tomorrow, the 5th June, fingers crossed) 1 month after order (not bad by others stories, but still 3 weeks later than original date.)

There have been additional issues. Lengthy phone calls as the order is now "a telephone order", not an "online order" - so we are troubled about losing the £160 Quidco cashback.....and the £50 SB voucher. We have been assured by two people on the phone that we will receive these amounts.....but we have also been lied to as many times too.

Received email detailing "Activation fee Infinity 1 option 1 £30, Activation fee infity 1 £30, total to pay £60
Phoned BT, told this was an error they said they would remove it from the bill
Received a bill today, DOUBLE activation charge for same product STILL ON THE BILL.

Wanted to pay 12 MONTHS line rental up front, TOLD BT REPEATEDLY. But you won't sort it out for us.
Why should I pay the first months line rental and then another 12 months up front when you get around to sorting it out, effectively tying myself into a 13 month contract? I may want to leave, after all, everything goes up in price when the 12 months discounts end......

Renumbering? 3 or 4 phone calls to BT. Still not done. 30 second phone call today says it will be done "tomorrow, but after midnight" Thats the days AFTER tomorrow then?

The whole process has been nothing but stress. It took over half an hour on the phone just two days ago, to sort out the mess with the missing TV package.
Ordered the TV package online as part of the "QUIDCO" deal. No activation fee mentioned. Order confirmation received - no activation for TV package mentioned.
Latest call to sort TV package, tells me £35.00 activation fee. The guy had no idea what we had already "ordered" - it looks as though you don't actually keep records of what people order at all??

Original TV package confirmed as "BT Sport Albertz" package. He apparently after working at BT for 20 years, had never heard of this TV package. He denied its existence. Its on my email.

I only wanted the Netflix (£6.99, two screens) and no additional TV channels. Online, the activation is currently showing £19.00 I cannot remember seeing one, and it hasn't been mentioned. Who knows if it wasn't on special offer the day I ordered? Your offers change constantly. He says he has to put £35, but ask for it to be changed to £19 because it was originally online order. We have not received confirmation of these prices yet.

So to summarise. Pathetic customer service. Failed communication. Lies. Lack of decent record keeping. Pricing changing. Overcharging.

£30 too much STILL on first bill.

£35 instead of £19 for activation of TV, not yet received or confirmed.

Lost discount because you REFUSED TO SORT OUT LINE RENTAL SAVER. (£33.98 loss)

If I pay this now, on month 2, I am forced into 13 month contract with yourselves resulting in further losses due to increased costs)


Potential loss of a)£160 Quidco referall due to fractured ordering. b)Sainsbury Voucher of £50 because offer has changed since original order date.


Amount of stress - £ priceless.

Yet to see if TV package arrives and is connected. But because TV package is now running a week behind the contract dates of the broadband, this will mean that if I cancel the BB after 12 months, I will not be able to use the TV package, as it WONT WORK. So, BT have you ensured I suffer further losses?  The phone line was switched over on the 25th May, BB on the 1st June and now TV should be 5th June.  If it arrives/works.  So who is paying for my 13 days over contract that is being enforced by yourselves, since I will be forced to keep the phone to keep the BB (at £10.50 extra) to keep the TV working? And are you, at that time, going to try to make me pay the £13.50 for the BT sport that I don't want?


What do we do? Because I am sick to death of trying to communicate with people in India. They're lovely, but they really don't understand me when I'm rabbitting down the phone 100 miles per hour because I'm wound up at having to explain the same thing over and over. Why can't we just email you? Or is this a job for the Ombudsman. This is really poor service.


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Re: Who can I complain to about a new order being cancelled etc.!!!

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the ombudsman does not deal with individual complains although they would take a note of your pronlem


only people that can help here are the forum mods who are BT employees  they will post a contact us link 

contact mods.jpg

After completing the email NOT PM then you join a queue of other customers waiting for mod help. The mods will get back to you in 3/5 working days either by phone or email

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Re: Who can I complain to about a new order being cancelled etc.!!!

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Hi Mihangel, 


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. 


I am sorry about the delay in getting your service on and for the confusion over your package prices. 


Can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile and I will take it from there.




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Re: Who can I complain to about a new order being cancelled etc.!!!

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Hi Mihangel,


I'm really glad I was able to get this all sorted for you. If you have any other problems please post back and we'll be happy to help.






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Re: Who can I complain to about a new order being cancelled etc.!!!

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Still ongoing, cashback has been refused.


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