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Re: Will my fibre be installed?

I really hope so but it's so confusing I'm not sure.

I purchased Fibre 100 on 16th of January with an install date of 22nd of March. I called them as I would have no internet for over two months so they said they would re-activate the copper line on the 22nd of January.

I called on the 22nd of January and they said there was no need, they would bring the Fibre forward to the 5th of February. They also dispatched the Smart Hub 2 in advance.

They then called on the 27th of January saying the landline was being activated the next day (we only purchased broadband).

I then had a message confirming the appointment for fibre is on the 5th of Feb as planned.

I then had a message saying copper activation was due for the 10th again.

Now I have had another confirming the 5th for Fibre and confirmation that another Smart Hub 2 has been sent?

I really hope that:

1) Fibre is being installed on 05/02/2021 (both external and internal work).

2) As a result of that fibre install, no copper line will be needed.

3) The landline we are not charged for (I can only assume it was needed for copper?)

4) They are not sending a new Smart Hub 2 as I already have one.

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Re: Will my fibre be installed?

For FTTP you need a SH2 with a WAN port.

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