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Re: Worst service ever!!

Yes, we're in exactly the same position. Engineers not turning up, promised phone calls from an 'offline' high level department. But nothing apart from a bill.


Not sure who is more inept between openreach or BT, the sooner the government remove their menopoly the better.


Hoping for internet before Christmas. 

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Re: Worst service ever!!


Good luck in having your broadband working over Christmas, I lost my broadband Sunday afternoon and after many calls and doing this test and that test resetting the router and doing Hokey Cokey, the best BT can do is an engineer possible on the 31st December or the 4th Jan 2016.

Had the same problem when I was first connected nothing for 4 days then it started to work, no calls or contact to see if I was happy. I was using it Sunday when it just stopped working, One you’re a customer, BT and Openreach or not bothered they have you for the term of your contract only interested on new customer only  (Reminds me of the advert).


Come on BT Openreach work for your customers don’t keep them waiting for weeks for a fault to be repaired.


Rant over have given up lost the will to live was hoping to watch the football over the Christmas period on BT sport better forget that, might have drink and forget I ever went with BT, should have stayed with TalkTalk at least I knew they were useless.



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