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Re: Yahoo to BT Mail very frustrating

I too have a similar problem where I am the main account holder and have two sub accounts - one for my daughter and one for my wife.  My daughter is now married and I'm trying to follow the advice here about changing the account to an affiliate account and gifting it to her so she can now link it to her and her husband's BT account.

  However, when I'm in My Account and click on the options button next to her email address, I'm not given the option to 'Give this email address'.

Her and my wife's email were set up many many years ago and their email addresses have never been available to me as an option to view.  They always seem to have been discrete emails only accessible by their own passwords.  The help section of the website is not striaghtforward.  I've tried chat but it was too complex to type it all out and on telephoning I gave up after 25 minutes of wiating for the call to be answered.  Any assistance would therefore be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Yahoo to BT Mail very frustrating

That sounds very annoying for you. I, too, gave up trying to get help on the telephone after waiting more than half an hour with a message saying "we are VERY busy but your call WILL be answered..."   which is why I posted my question on here.  

With your problem, having looked at the link you posted, could it be that your daughter has to set up her own individual BT ID before you can create an affiliate account for her?  I realise this does not answer the question of why you are not given the option to "give this email address" -- unless, by first creating her own BT ID, the system knows that you can now gift it?   Just a thought.

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Re: Yahoo to BT Mail very frustrating

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m not sure how my daughter has set up her account, I’ll need to check. I have made some progress though. I added my wife’s email address to my BT ID and I now have the option to gift it.  It seems as though previously it was sitting in some kind no mans land.  I’ll take the next step and gift the address to my wife following the instructions in the link I posted. I’m assuming that if I do the same with my daughter’s email then I can gift it to her and she can then link it to her and her husband’s BT account.  I am wondering if the anomalous standing of their email accounts has held back my own email address being migrated to BT Mail. Both the sub accounts have already been transferred.

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