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Re: bt digital voice phone dect system busy message

I have four digital voice phone handsets all registered to the same number and hub but Handset 3 does not register incoming calls nor am I able to make calls from the handset. I have tried "resetting" and re-registering and removing the batteries to start set up again but nothing has cleared.

When I dial a number from this handset only I get the message X  DECT system busy. You can't make a call.

Any other ideas out there?

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Re: bt digital voice phone dect system busy message

That one sounds very odd.

To fully de-link and reset the handset try the following:

On the troublesome handset:

Menu -> Settings -> Reset -> Reset handset -> Yes

Then on one of the other handsets

Menu -> Settings -> Registration -> Deregister (stop here)

Look to make sure the troublesome handset is no longer in the list.  If it is, highlight it and press Select.

You are done with the other handset, press the red 'end call' button to take it back to the home screen.

Now with the troublesome handset, pop the batteries out and put them back in.

This handset is now as reset as it can get.

Try re-registering and see what happens.


Let me know how you get on.