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Re: fair use policy

I haver a full BT unlimited package with TV etc Not cheap but always been with BT. now im told im using too much and over the fair use policy . and here is the usefull guid to usage sent to me ! 


Browsing for 30 hours a month+Watching online TV for four hours a month (like BBC iPlayer)+Streaming video for 6 hours a month (like YouTube)+Downloading one standard definition film a month



so thats one hour a day max on internat  and i can only watch catch up tv for an hour a week. !!!!! is sombody havig a laugh. when i took out the new TV package because i was moving home was told "yes your unlimited" has this anything to do with the push to sell the newly installed infinity in my area or am i just cynical !   

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Re: fair use policy

are you sure your package is unlimited as that looks more like the 10gb package.  check by signing in to MYBT at

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Re: fair use policy

The full Fair Usage Policy is here


If you are on unlimited broadband, it should be completely unlimited.  There is no monthly quota at all - BT scrapped that years ago.  There are people who download hundreds of gigabytes a month, and BT does not stop them or impose extra charges.


You need to check that MyBT thinks that you have the package that you think you have.

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