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Re: how do I contact BT by email.

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I have received an email dated 20 May 2020 from BT saying,

"Your current broadband contract with us is ending soon. To review your new broadband options, simply follow the steps below:"

The steps below take me to a page to renew a contract "To start your order we need to know the BT account number..." but I do not want to do this not knowing what it is or any details about it.  And I may want to change supplier.

According to my records my broadband and landline contract ends 15 August and my mobile at a later date. How do I know which contract BT is referring too? I would like to email them but there is no email option. When I log on I cannot see any details of contract ending soon.

The BT support page says to come here for support.


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Re: how do I contact BT by email.

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@harrysmith0  I've moved your message because the thread you posted it on relates to a rather different issue. You need to call 0800 800 030, which is dedicated at present to existing customers whose deal is coming to an end. You'll be able to discuss your requirements and negotiate on price, so arming yourself with some competitors' deals might help. 

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