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Re: how do i change my phone number

This is a VERY difficult process!


On requesting to transfer my BT account to my partner BT assured me of the following:


1. It would be quick and easy. (Yeah right)

2. We would keep the same number.

3. Our third party provided internet will not be affected. (Didn't believe that from the start)

4. it would be a short down time, less than a day to switch over.


Are your call centre people trained to lie to your customers?


So a date was for the switch over. 


On the switch over date the line went dead and stayed dead for 2 days.

After complaining it eventually came back it had a different number.


So we called to have it changed to the old number. After another period of dead line we called again.


This time restored with yet another random number.


Called a number of times since but not fixed.


Latest is they will fix, will take 48hours and will be charged £25 for the privaledge their F..Up.


Still waiting......... Oh yes, our given switch over date was the 11th April, it's now the 26th.



So remember BT, some of your home customers are in the position where they decide at work on where they will place many thousands of pounds of telephone business.

Given your rubbish service at home (and at work, but don't have the time to list all) where should this business go?









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Re: how do i change my phone number

This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators posts made here do NOT go directly to BT 





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Re: how do i change my phone number

Welcome to the forum. It's not just a difficult process but an impossible one as far as I know. BT do not usually transfer accounts from one person to another, the main exception being for bereavement. It sounds as though you've been led right up the garden path.


If today's events don't reach a satisfactory conclusion I would contact the BT Care Team. They are the moderators who oversee this forum and will be able to look into this for you. They may take a few days to respond but you will get an immediate nline acknowledgement with a reference number to note in case you need to follow up.

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