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Re: mybt showing wrong mobile phone

I have a simIlar problem.

I  transferred my mobile phone number from T-Mobile to BT several years ago.  The BT SIM card has always worked OK in my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G360F handset and the "" website has always displayed correct details for that phone and SIM.

Four weeks ago, I upgraded to a Samsung J6 handset.  The old phone had a micro SIM card, so I had to order a nano SIM card, which I activated.  Then, BT sent two APN configuration messages to my phone, with server details for the Internet and MMS. Having installed the configuration settings, I can make and receive phone calls and SMS messages.  I can also use 3G and 4G for data, so everything seems to work OK.   However, the "" website still shows details of my old  phone and SIM card.

The old phone did not support Wi-Fi or 4G.  The new one should be compatible.  But as BT have not registered details of my new phone, the "" website still says my phone is not compatible.  Furthermore, the BT Mobile app on the phone still states that I don't have access to 4G Calling or Wi-Fi calling.  That doesn't seem to be factually correct.

To test the function, I checked that Wi-Fi calling is enabled in the phone settings.  Then, I actived flight mode (to prevent the handset from making or receiving ordinary mobile phone calls via a local mast).  Then, I re-enabled Wi-FI, and called my landline number.  The call connected OK, which confirms that Wi-Fi Calling is available and works.  Sadly,  I have no way of testing 4G Calling.

Unfortunately, I cannot use the previously suggested solution, because my old phone requires a micro SIM card, whilst the new phone uses a nano SIM card.

Three on-line chats with BT technical support staff (based in India) produced no assistance whatsoever, apart from an unhelful suggestion that if I want to use Wi-Fi calling, I will need to upgrade my phone!  Do you have any better suggestions, please?

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Re: mybt showing wrong mobile phone

I have the exact same issue
I purchased an iPhone over a month ago, but the BT mobile app still shows my old phone and says WiFi calling and 4G calling as “No”

Now I know WiFi calling is actually working, not sure about 4G calling

I tried the steps posted in a different thred but it made no difference

If anyone from BT is reading this, can you help it seems to be a common issue
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Re: mybt showing wrong mobile phone

I have exactly the same issue. I have a new Moto G6, unlocked from Argos in the UK. My old phone was a G4. The G4 is the one that is still being shown on mybt, which is why I assume I'm unable to utilise WiFi/4g calling.

I've used a replacement sim but have the same issue whereas the sim is a different form factor for the phones in question.

BT have not been able to rectify the situation either.
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Re: mybt showing wrong mobile phone

Exactly the same problem.

New phone has been in use for over a year. It was offline for 3 weeks during  this period.

Text have been sent as in a previous solution but no change of phone type has been achieved.

How about some action BT!?



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Re: mybt showing wrong mobile phone

Hi @jetk,

It's good to see you back on the Community and thank you for posting. I'm sorry your MY BT hasn't updated to show your new phone.

If you contact the Mobile Chat Team, they'll be able to help you get that updated.




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