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Re: port forwarding bt hub 3 via homeplugs

Hi I have set up portforwarding on my router and says open on my Xbox one but when I do online check it's says closed wich is giveing me lag on games like (fifa 14) I have tryed everything but there is 1 more thing I think may be causeing it I use homeplugs and they are connected through 1 main source I was wondering do you have to portforward the homeplugs and always use ip adress
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Re: port forwarding bt hub 3 via homeplugs

To this date, I've never seen a game which requires ports to be open.


Let me explain briefly how port forwarding works:

  • After defining a port-forwarding rule, this tells your router which device to send incoming packets on those port(s)
  • You would only need to set up a rule if an external service needed to connect to an application via that port when there was no ongoing connection
  • Games do not require ports to be forwarded because they open connections to the multiplayer servers/voice servers and all communication between the game and the external server is via that connection
  • If a service required port forwarding, it would not 'lag' without it, it would simply not work. The data could not be passed to the service if it was a requirement.


If you are indeed experiencing lag due to a poor internet connection to your Xbox, follow these steps:

  • Restart your Home Hub and check if the connection improves
  • Ensure your Homeplugs are not connected to extensions, they are connected to wall sockets
  • Ensure the cable going between your Hub and the Homeplug is connected to the 'GBit' port on the Hub (should improve bandwidth)
  • Remove any port forwarding rules you have made in an attempt to fix this issue
  • If possible, try using a wireless connection or try wiring the Xbox directly to the router

If the connection issues occur across multiple devices, please provide details.


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Re: port forwarding bt hub 3 via homeplugs

.so if my Nat was moderate I would not lag and is it best to use upnp and remove all portforwarding I have set up
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