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Re: speed problems

Never have I had such poor service from BT, been having major connection problems for over a year, faults include line dropping (especially in the rain), slow speeds, constant reconnections, faulty and crackling static on the phone line, phoning the bt help desk in india is a pathetic waste of time listening to someone who couldnt care less reading and apologising from a script thats been written for them, not listening to anything thats being said to them, constantly asking the same questions and always flipping apologising and putting you on hold for two minutes while they pull up your details, in this day and age of computers and knowing how fast I.T. systems can work, I just find that a nuisance and downright pathetic.


I have used the Internet for almost 20 years from the earliest days of local 14.4kbs then 28.8 then finally 57.6 dial up services before moving to broadband so there's not much I dont know about the home electronics side of things,


In recent weeks I have tried :-


3 different routers TP-Link 300mb wireless for streaming movies to local network media players

Netgear 834GT which I used for before uprading to TP-Link

BT Home Hub for line checking


3 different adsl filters, 2 of which were bought new in recent weeks


when checking the line speed all routers report the same speed, 3071kbps (3 days ago), and now 2272kbps


have done all tests with and without the front panel on the main telephone box, with & without 2 different BT phones being plugged in or out, havent used any extensions in the house, router connects straight to main box


BT have replaced telegraph pole in back garden recently and did admit that there was noise on the line and moved me to another line on the same pole back to the exchange which is within 1 mile of my house which cleared things up and gave me 18mb for a few weeks, now the crackling is back again with a vengeance, sounds like someone crunching up a crisp packet on the line, only thing they havent replaced is the line from my house to the pole, so why does my broadband ALWAYS drop off when it rains ????, so BT engineer is coming again on weds morning and I wont be letting him leave until the line is replaced and this is cured and my speeds are back in the 10-15mb region or I will be phoning and cancelling my contract with BT, I would rather pay more for a satelite based broadband link and know I was getting what I'm paying for, rather than paying BT's top service and getting a pathetic service and a poke in the eye, and having to listen to and endure talking to some one and listening to them (expletives deleted) apologising and reading from a script and knowing they couldnt care less, have asked repeatedly everytime I call the to call me back on my mobile as I'm self employed , yet the last three times they have called my house, including leaving me a message on my answering machine saying that they had tested everything and my broadband was fine, when i got home and heard message, I disconnected my router completely from the wall and turned it off, went and made dinner, came back, plugged in and powered everything back up only to find my broadband had dropped from 3071kbps to 2272kbps and has staye there ever since, no matter what I do to try and speed things up again


below is a report from my router about my speed & snr & errors, hope others aren't having the same problems as I am but I guess there will be more than a few people in the same situation as me


Regards to all


Paul Armstrong


Extremely hacked off and (expletives deleted again) annoyed (and thats putting it in the nicest, cleanest way I possibly can)

Device Information    
Firmware Version
1.0.0 Build 111125 Rel.28195
MAC Address

IP Address
Subnet Mask
DHCP Server

PVCVPI/VCIIP AddressSubnetGateWayDNS ServerEncapsulationStatus

ADSL Firmware Version
FwVer: HwVer:T14.F7_6.0
Line State
Annex Mode

SNR Margin
Line Attenuation
Data Rate



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Re: speed problems

as you are self employed is this a business line?


I don't think your broadband is going to improve until you get the noise on the line fixed.  the speeds you quote 3071/2 and 2272 are usually seen when you are suffering a lot of disconenctions and the exchange put your line in a banded profile to try and stabilise your connection.  this is normally accompanied with a higher noise margin.


the banding is usually released after 3+ days stable connection but if you cannot manage that then you are stuck in the banding.


really need a solution to the noise when engineer is there on wednesday

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