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Really poor mobile signal reception in BS7 area

I live in Bristol, in the BS7  (near the County Cricket Ground). I switched from Tesco Mobile (O2) to BT Mobile earlier this year in the hope that I would get a better mobile phone reception at home and in the surrounding area as I also switched to BT full-fibre broadband too (this has been very good). 

Sadly I have to report that the mobile reception is even worse than with Tesco Mobile and now I cannot get a signal anywhere in my house and it breaks up when I am walking outside in the local area too.  I can't even send SMS messages successfully, which has become very frustrating!

I could go someway to understanding the reception issues if I lived in a rural setting but I am near enough in the centre of the Bristol and up on a hill too..!

Is someone from BT Mobile able to advise why this  is the case and what if anything is being done about it?

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Re: Really poor mobile signal reception in BS7 area

I just entered BS7 9EJ  into the BT coverage map ( and sure enough it confirms low signal on 5G but excellent on 4G.

You should be able to use Wi-Fi calling from home to combat a poor signal but you may need to check that it is enabled on your phone

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Re: Really poor mobile signal reception in BS7 area

Thanks for the response. I checked the coverage map prior to moving over to BT Mobile, but that does not translate into what is actually being experienced and from experience it's certainly not an excellent 4G signal.

I don't have a phone with the Wi-Fi calling functionality so that's not an option.

My wife is with Vodafone and does not have any signal issues inside or outside so I thought BT would be at least as good... 😞
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Re: Really poor mobile signal reception in BS7 area

BT is a virtual carrier operating off the back of EE who they own. If you're still in your cooling off period, it may be useful to ask others in your area if they are on either and if so what reception they get

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Re: Really poor mobile signal reception in BS7 area

Yes, thanks again, I know that BT is an MVNO (although they actually own it). I've been with them for a good few months so out of the cooling off period. Also I had got feedback from other residents where I live and it seemed to be a mixed bag.
It seems I'll have to live with it till they either put in a mast or I can exit the contract.
Thanks again for your responses.