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Re: Really slow broadband all of a sudden.

Over a month on from when the problem was reported to BT and still, no fix. An engineer was sent round, he said the usual, nothing wrong with the line or the internal wiring, just wait and the problem will sort itself out. He handily had to take a phone call when I asked why the problem even occured in the first place!


After about 15 minutes he conluded that there was nothing he could do so just left! Real big help! Congrats BT!


I then rang BT customer services (why you could call them that I don't know!!!) and they seemed happy to leave me on hold for 15 minutes whilst they made coffee or something as they came back with no useful information, just that they could see from their logs that an engineer had been around to visit.


It has been over a fortnight since the engineer left and still the problem persists, and dare I say it worsens!


I am reluctant to ring BT again as I have spent over 8 hours in the past month trying to get this sorted, the speed has now dropped to around 500kbps. Though, in reality we all know that these online speed testers give no true indication of download speed. I have tried downloading a file through steam and this reached a maximum speed of 54.9kbps, and in all honesty that is what the speed feels like in real life. Google takes well over a minute to load the basic search page!!! And to post a message on here in the hope that someone, somewhere might be able to help takes even longer!


I know that BT's terms and conditions say that they never throttle your connection but I am beginning to doubt them! If the engineer can be trusted and there really is nothing wrong with the line, the internal wiring/equiptment then there is something that BT are doing to restrict the speed! Can I simply ask for all the information BT hold on me from them? I believe I am entitled to under the data protection act to know all data held by an entity about me so, surely, all information regarding my account/services with BT should be included in this? That way I would be able to know if they are putting any restrictions on my broadband and if they are why. 


If it wasn't for the fact that there are no other providers in my area I would have left BT long ago.

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Re: Really slow broadband all of a sudden.

can you post your router stats and run btspeedtester and post the results please.  btspeedtester was certainly working earlier today


you can contact BT and request the information under data protection but your will be required to pay a fee.  BT are not victimising you and restricting your connection

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