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Really want a service but it seems BT do not want my custom

We are moving up to Highland Perthshire in mid April.


On concluding missives on the 9th March I checked the BT website saw that our new house could receive both fiber And copper broadband And called BT to buy unlimited Fibre unlimited any time calls And a new phone line.


10th March call to say no Fibre available only copper.


called back told Fibre was available And new order put through for infinty 2 plus anytime calls And new phone line.


Text to say Fibre not available And broadband order cancelled again


13th March speak to customer services Apparently issue is not enough capacity in cabinet so only copper available (website still showing both available but hey ho!) agree that some one technical will call back to discuss options


13 th March evening no call from technical so we make the decision to just go for the copper for now as at least we will have something in, call BT speak to rudest young man ever who with a lot of sighing puts throug order for unlimited copper anytime calls And a new line.


14th March as no confirmation email or text received call BT to find out that last nights order was never actually placed........helpful young lady places order for us


15th March text received broadband order cancelled


16th March call to BT again where it appeared that helpful young lady has amended the fibre order to copper rather than making a new order which has caused confusion.......Meanwhile Texts start arriving from post office informing us of hub delivery for origional order to house we do not move into till mid April.


Agreed with customer service that issue would now be placed with a personal advisor who would call me on Monday 20th to make THE order And give me a named person to deal with as it had been such a mess.


17th March text received from PO saying failed to deliver router!


18th March meet with vendors of house, handed card to collect router from PO, told that no one has Fibre in the Village, it is in The box awaiting Open Reach to connect it


Email And text from BT with new order for Infinity 2 anytime calls And new line


20th March 8am

Call to BT to check Latest order as can not see it on THE App, it appeared this order has been set up under a new account, notes made to inform customer advisor who will be calling me today that a) order has been placed under a new account b) install is booked for the 28th March And we do not move in till nix April And c) it is for Infinity 2 again


20th March 16:30 call to check still getting customer advisor call......still booked can be up to 9pm


20th March 20:35 see above


20th March 20:55 call answered at 20:57 And immediately dropped by operative as I assume it was going home time


21st March 08:00 Call to BT who say they will send a message to my personal account holder to Ask him to call me....


As yet nada, but I have received a text from THE PO telling me they will deliver THE router from THE second order today.


Can someone please help we only want to spend some money with you!!!



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Re: Really want a service but it seems BT do not want my custom

Can you please use the address checker on this site and post up a copy of the results please.
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Re: Really want a service but it seems BT do not want my custom

Hi @Lindy1706 and welcome.


I'm so sorry there's been such a mess made of your orders. I'll be happy to lend a hand if you want. Just drop me over an email with your details and we'll take it from there. You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile.





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