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Re: Gaming ping spikes all of a sudden when Netflix is being used.

I am interested in this too, as the problem started occurring 2-3 weeks ago for me too (I think on a Sunday it started).

I already opened up a thread myself but am interested if you fix it too, as seems to be related, so I'm following this thread

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Terrible latency whilst gaming...

Lately I've been noticing terrible lag whilst gaming and someone else in the house watches netflix. We pay for 50mps fibre and I struggle to see how our broadband can't cope with running both simultaneously.
Does anyone else suffer from this? If so is there a solution to counter the problem?
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Re: Terrible latency whilst gaming...

Having the exact same issue. The bandwidth is complete garbage recently, phoned support and they have no clue what I'm talking about. Ran some tests, apparently, and did nothing about it despite asking for an engineer to be sent out.

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Re: Terrible latency whilst gaming...

Yes I've had this problem for a while now and have phoned bt several times about it in the past, only thing they do is change the channel and refresh the line which makes no difference what's so ever. It's now gotten to the stage where if my wife wants to watch something on Netflix upstairs then I can't game at the same time, which frustrates the hell out of me cus that's the only times I get to game lately. If anyone has a solution I'd love to hear it.
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Re: Terrible latency whilst gaming...

Oh god I’ve just signed up to BT as I’m having the same issues with virgin, in fact virgin my son can’t connect to tv or Xbox despite the modem being upstairs
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Re: Terrible latency whilst gaming...

I've recently had a new hub sent out as my other hub kept losing connection. I was hoping this would also solve my latency issue but it hasn't. My wife was upstairs watching netflix last night whilst I was playing Xbox and the minute she turned it on my game became unplayable.
I have a decent connection and connect all my consoles through Ethernet via powerline sockets as my router is at front of house, whilst I game in the conservatory at the back. My ping last night was 200.
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Re: Terrible latency whilst gaming...

Do a Google search for "netflix causing games to stutter", its a very common problem.

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Re: Terrible latency whilst gaming...

Oh I’m panicking now, my son has nearly thrown the laptop as it’s a joke, that’s why we are going to BT, I was with sky although sky wasn’t fantastic it beats virgin hands down. Never had these issues, we’ve got virgins boosters and it makes no difference
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Re: Terrible latency whilst gaming...

Seems like a common issue tbh. Is there anything in the router I can change to limit bandwith to netflix at all. She doesnt even watch it in hd half the time she just watches re runs of friends through a firestick, yet it has a huge impact on my gaming
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Re: Terrible latency whilst gaming...

There is nothing you can do on a BT Home hub, this has been discussed on many other threads.

I believe its related the amount of information that Netflix uploads while a stream is playing, which is delaying the commands you are sending to the game server.

People have had some sucesss by lowering the quality of the Netflix stream to SD, and restricting the upload speed and priority of the device which is doing the streaming, by using different routers which support these features.

It goes without saying that using a wireless connection will be no good anyway, as that has lots of issues with interference.

The  Internet providers are more interested in promoting Value Added Content like streaming TV and video, as that is where the money is made.

I suspect that if people want to do a lot of gaming, they are going to have to get their own dedicated connection in the future.

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