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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

As soon as I shut down any video streaming device, my connection is the best thing since sliced bread. If anything gets booted up though, netflix, twitch etc it literally throttles the speed like everyone else here. How many times do we need to say this - people on here haven't had a fix for over 8 months. Admins need to stop wasting everyones time and look into this as a collective to try and find a fix. We're paying money for a service which isn't up to scratch. Its damn right out of order and it needs fixing.

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

Hi @MarkG33 I'm sorry we missed your other posts, I'll send you a Private Message in a few moments with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team and we'll be happy to help.

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

Some times pictures speak louder than words, I think this explains the problem

download (1).jfif



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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

How many wins on weekend league? 😄

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

Heres an update from today..

I had emailed the CEO so someone decided to ring me today.

Not a very helpful man I have to say, didn't like his attitude or tone on the phone but this is the standard customer service from BT.

He then went onto tell me that this so called plan which is going to be rolled out to try and fix the problem can't be applied to me because the equipment I use is different to the majority of the people in this thread.

He then also went onto tell me that just because the latency bar on FIFA is fluctuating - it doesn't necessarily mean its BT related. *Face palms - wish people used some common sense*

So he ended by telling me I need to do a trace route - in which I replied no problem but once I give you this trace route, what will you do to fix my problem?

He said he can't tell me that but it will be passed to the research team.

It seems to me that nobody knows how to fix this issue and everyone is just guessing or passing you on to someone else. It is bizzare how in 2019, with fibre optic, booting netflix or twitch streams up and throttle the speeds so much regardless if you're wired into the back of the router.

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

@joo1 that sounds almost identical to what they told me to do. Except the man on the phone was a lot more understanding and did admit there was an issue. It helps that I work in networking/software so they can't talk themselves out of it anyway.

I sent them the trace routes and this is what I got back 5 days later:

"I’ve raised a case with our specialist team, they’re currently looking into the latency/ PING issues.


I've also raised this with the Engineers again, I appreciate you’ve had them out previously however I can see evidence of interference which may be the cause of the problem."

This will be my 5th engineer since I first contacted BT on the 9th September. Last 4 didn't even know what they looking at when I showed them my ping graphs. The interference mentioned is definitely a scapegoat they are using as the last 2 engineers who came out said it does exist but it would not affect the Internet in this way. I.e. perfect, crisp ping until someone does something that requires bandwidth. I just hope that this engineer is a bit more specialist otherwise I'm really not going to be impressed. 

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

Blimey mate, sounds like you've been having alot of trouble just like myself.

Yeah I literally said to the man on the phone, once I send you this trace route what will be done? And he just couldn't answer.

I seriously get the impression nothing can be done and they're just trying to pass the blame or talk themselves out of it like you said. I mean he even told me today that just because the latency bar is fluctuating it doesn't mean its BTs issue lmao.

I'm no engineer or anything but i'd like to think I know what im talking about too so they won't get away with talking **bleep** to me thats for sure. I'm literally fuming with everything. 

What is this 5th engineer going to be able to do though? I've had 3 out in the last few weeks and I know its nothing in my house. If theres a fix - it's on there end imo.

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

The last engineer I had out explained to my flatmate and I how everything works. Basically, the standard engineer they send to your house only knows about stuff between your house and the cabinet, after that they don't have a clue. He said that there is normally one or two specialist engineers per region that know about how everything is set up from that point onwards. I'm in the south East and he said the nearest specialist is situated 1.5 hours from me.


They also have this Facebook equivalent site used by all bt engineers across the country where they can share work on jobs, post questions etc. He showed me all these posts about this issue on there and how they all came from "standard" engineers as they don't know what to do about it. He said the higher ups are definitely aware of the issue. He posted in his group chat that he has with all of the BT engineers in my region (100+) about my issue to see if anyone had seen a solution, no one bit.

He detected very slight interference on my line but said that this would have affected stability of my line (dropouts and sudden loss of speed) and not latency issues. I do not get those issues at all.

I then showed him the issue first hand by pinging Google and loading up a twitch stream, he didn't really get it until I showed him what the ping should have been like if I wasn't watching the stream. 

I did reply to that email that I quoted in my last post, outlining my thoughts 😉

That's all so far in this saga 

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

That's crazy mate - so you no closer to a fix either?

I sent my trace route off earlier and the guy replied saying a few other devices were connected at the time. He didn't ask me to a run test with everything disabled and now he wants another one?

To me disabling an ipad that isnt being used anyways isn't going to make any difference? Especially when im wired into the back of the BT hub?

Idk anymore

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

Fifa is not the best game to test your BT issues, I'm a  competitive Fifa player myself " hit elite 3/2 on regular basis" and the servers  are so bad that it makes even hard to differentiate if the issue is from EA servers or BT. 


I would personally choose a game with a stable strong servers and do a traceroute, I've refused to give EA my money this year considering I was getting huge delay even without streaming anything in FIFA  19 and so far I heard FIFA 20 is even worst since everyone is complaining about delay.

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