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Re: Latency Spikes when trying to game whilst someone else is streaming (e.g. Netflix)

Still having the same issues 6 months later... As you can see from the images below, the problem has not been fixed.

Does anyone know if the new full fibre offerings from BT have the same problem? I am on FTTC Fibre at the moment but still locked into the contract until Jan.

Ping - no streamingPing - no streamingPing with streamingPing with streaming

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Re: Latency Spikes when trying to game whilst someone else is streaming (e.g. Netflix)

Just thought I'd update everyone who's trying to sort the high ping issue with Bt on my situation.

After trying to get my problem sorted for over 15 months now with only a few months during that time where the issue seemed to be sorted but then came back.

I seemed to be finally getting somewhere dealing with the executive complaints team ( which I have been through the whole process).

The ping although still not great at times was much improved and my line still had the same decent speed of around 66 down 18 up.

I was told by Jonathan  of executive customer resolution there was no more they could do according to them my line was basically perfect lol and they wanted to close the complaint.

Although we didn't agree on just how good it was I was happy to do so and have a new contract at a reduced price that he offered due to the issues I'd had for months.

But I said only if the changes they had made to my line which had settled things were kept in place and my speeds stayed the same he said yes they would.

But low and behold as soon as I was on the new contract my line rate on the download dropped to 64 (when it's always been 80 the entire time I've been with Bt on Fibre 2)

And my actual download speed is 56 at best sometimes dropping below the stated minimum of 50! 

Also the ping is now as bad if not worse than it was to start with,after emailing and explaining this he told me there was nothing more they could do apart from I could contact the ombudsman if I wasn't happy!

Great company Bt beware!

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Re: Latency Spikes when trying to game whilst someone else is streaming (e.g. Netflix)

@andy_w1  your graphs seem to show the issue but in theory the BT side of the ping issue has been fixed so if I was still with BT I'd look at checking your internal setup in greater detail.

@andy_w1 , @Ian72 , Some potential ideas which you may or may not have done ?

1) Don't test with Wifi, only wired, in other words assume Wifi is your problem, even if you believe it isn't your problem. If it means ordering some long Ethernet cables and stretching over the floor or replace Wifi with power line adapters then I'd do that, just get Wifi out of the equation for testing. Turn Wifi off, it it's on then it's receiving packets and maybe having some impact - fully rule it out. Using Wifi for gaming and a good ping is like trying to hold water with a paper towel, it might work for a  bit but you'd just not do that, you'd use a cup 🙂

2) What device are you streaming with ? different devices will saturate your network in different ways, although seeing a 200 ms ping shouldn't be possible with a standard / reliable FTTC connection, there's definitely something wrong there.

3) Don't test your ping on the same PC / device that you're streaming from, in other words the issue could be internal with your PC you're testing with i.e. testing with 2 different devices gets you a 2nd opinion. Switch over as well, ping from lets say PC1 and stream with PC2, then stream with PC1 and ping with PC2, you need to see the same results, if not then start looking at why. Try to use a reliable way of pinging, DOS prompt and 'ping -t' is my favorite, it gives reliable results, pings running inside a browser might not be as reliable - part of trouble shooting means ruling things out.

4) If you're fully wired and no Wifi turn your attention to your DSL connection / DSL modem, you need to see your error rates, if you can't get this information then I'd invest in a 3rd party router / modem. Load up your connection with a speed test or download and check your errors, you might just be getting errors when your connection is loaded resulting in your ping spikes.

Remember the DSL connection to the cabinet is an analogue system over copper wire that in effect uses different frequencies / tones to represent digital data, which mean interference / cross talk can have a major impact on errors / disconnections etc. Look into DSL vectoring, is it enabled on your cabinet ? does your router / modem support it ? enabling it may help reduce any errors  / stabilize your ping.

5) Don't use the BT home junk, which may also be offering your connection as a BT Wifi hotspot, replace with a decent 3rd party router and / or router modem, look at Draytek or Billion or Asus. If you've got the cash try a couple of different modem vendors, different modems use different DSL chipsets, one might offer a better connection than the other, all depending on how far you're from the cabinet and what chipset is used in your cabinet - do a bit or research, look into chipsets. As said look into vectoring, although most up to date decent router / modems support it. Most decent router / modems allow you to change DSL parameters such as the SNR, possibly by pushing this up and settling for a little less speed but lower errors (if you're getting errors) would be the way to go. If you've already got a 3rd party router, look at some of these settings, don't be afraid to play around with them, make sure your router / modem firmware is up to date.

6) If you've had engineers visit then almost certainly they've looked at your phone master socket / wiring, if not then either get an engineer to visit and / or make sure your master socket is up to date. Don't plug your modem into a phone extension line - only the master phone socket.

7) Look at investing in a  separate router and modem setup that allows proper queue management so that your connection is never saturated, yes you'll get less speed to your PC / gaming console etc but you sacrifice this to allow head room for your gaming packets to get through / a stable ping. I currently use an Ubiquiti Edgerouter and an ASUS DSL-AC68U for my modem, I can do a speed test on my PC and my ping only jitters 1 or 2 ms because I've setup queue management. That means anyone on my LAN can do anything they like, download, stream anything etc it won't affect my ping or gaming. Mikrotik also have a similar queue management but Mikrotik can be on the harder side to setup / deal with compared to an Ubiquiti Edgerouter. Having said that when I had the ping spike issue limiting connection load only had limited success, yes it reduced the level of ping spikes but it never got rid of them.

😎 Ultimately if you've checked everything from top to bottom, tried  different router / modems and you still believe the problem is external and with BT the only other option I can think of is to swap to a different ISP that hasn't suffered past or present with a ping spike issue, which is generally any ISP that isn't BT 🙂

You'd probably want to avoid cheap ISPs and any ISP that's owned by BT such as Plusnet, EE,  obviously any ISP that's just a re-branded BT internet, obviously based on the assumption the ping spike issue is still out there / not been fully fixed. If you want an ISP that offers a quality of connection for gaming, which means next to zero jitter, no packet loss, obviously no jitter means no ping spikes, no peak time issues, then I've got no problem 100% recommending Leetline. Obviously Leetline is the pinnacle of gaming ISPs, if you just want a reasonable ping quality and some casual gaming then possibly an ISP such as IdNet, Zen or Sky would do the job.

@Ian72  Indeed BT locking you into another contract and promising a certain connection quality is appalling, I think though you'll be in for  a hard time to leave without fees, ping isn't part of the broad band picture as far as Ofcom is concerned, only speed is. You could try to move your broadband and keep your phone with BT, that way you're still under contract with BT but you're just moving 1 of the services away - check it out...

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

This is indeed a BT issue as I have had this problem since early this year. Covid kicked off and I think BT just capped everyone!
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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

@BoNfiRe  not sure about that but I guess when you've got 9 million subscribers with large numbers working from home or on furlough, generally using the internet more than usual - that usage pattern might put some strain on the BT network. That though in theory shouldn't affect ping levels and shouldn't affect gaming seeing as gaming only needs a relatively small bandwidth.

As always though the real problem wouldn't be that BT throttled everyone's connection, as a customer you might understand why they might have to do that or that the BT network is over loaded, the real problem would be not being told about it, leaving you in the dark trying to figure out what's happening, possibly spending time and money trying to fix a problem that has been caused by BT.

This has been the problem with this ping spike issue, and still is really, page 82 is where BT finally and properly acknowledged the problem and announced a fix, that's a long period of time where customers have been pulling their hair out... and by the sounds of it still are.

Where's the update saying all the work has been completed, or a rough completion date if it hasn't ?

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

I completely agree with that, but sending engineers out to investigate isn't cost effective at all.
This is directly BT's issue as my neighbours are on Sky and their internet is still like what mine was. It also seems to be capped at the hardware level (router). My HH5 gives me the speed I had (I only found this out recently), but ALL later routers (HH6 & SH2) have me capped by up to 20% and I get dropped multiple times per day. No such issue on their old hardware and even openreach said not to use it. Their quote was "Home Hub 5 is a great bit of kit the others will drop your connection and slow you down" lol.
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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

I haven't been on here for a few months as the problem seems more manageable now, the ping spikes are lower when someone is streaming (20ms to 40-60ms) but still pretty annoying. Seems like something has changed at least for me but it's still pretty poor, other people I know have the same issue


I would advise people to contact the executive resolutions team as they seemed to reduce the ping spikes after a couple weeks of going back and forth

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix


I'd say 20ms to 60ms is probably a normal level of ping spikes with streaming and with no QoS / router queues configured. 

Streaming in general will consume max bandwidth for short periods of time, so ping spikes will happen but not in the 100's of ms.

If you're streaming from a  PC then installing an application such as 'net limiter' and reducing the max bandwidth to lets say 10Mbps  for that PC  should have a big impact on your ping spikes. 

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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

Can anyone tell what the images mean. I've also been suffering with pocket loss when gaming for 3 months now and reduced speed at times. But the last couple of weeks the reduced speed has gone back to normal but the packet loss is killing me when gaming. 



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Re: Recent online gaming ping spikes when streaming Netflix

@McGrath1982  are you testing with a wired or wireless connection ?

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