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Recording/Series Link Issue

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Hi folks

Have a query which I am hoping someone could shed some light on.

My mum just signed up-to BT TV after being with SKY for 12 years.  Everything is going grand and she's really enjoying the functionally of having all the Apps and easy access to OnDemand on the BT TV Box. 

She records quite a few shows as well and when setting up some of the shows to record I noticed an issue.  When a programme, like Neighbours on Channel 5 HD is set to record on series link it also appears to record the repeat episodes on it's sister station, 5 STAR for some reason.  I tried to delete this but once I did I noticed it didn't record Friday's episode on Channel 5 HD.  

It also happened with a programme on Channel 4.  Even though the programme was a, "one-off" the BT box has set the same programme to record on 4Seven.

Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it? 

Thanks in advance for any help! 🙂

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Re: Recording/Series Link Issue

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Hi @1989awr 

It's the responsibility of each broadcaster to set the Series Links. A few years ago I had a similar issue with Come Dine With Me on Channel 4, they had every episode linked irrespective of what Series it's part of. I was doing a bit of testing for Sky at the time and it was Sky who told me that it was the responsibility of each broadcaster, but as a favour Sky pointed the error out to C4 and it was fixed.

My Freesat box has just recorded a repeat of Yellowstone on Paramount, all you can do is  monitor your scheduled recordings, deleting the extra ones on a BT Box will delete all scheduled recordings of that Series.

I would recommend downloading the BT TV app and pair it to the box. Use the app to monitor the scheduled recordings because it shows every recording for the next 7 days, whereas the box will only show the next scheduled recording. Using the app will help you notice future clashes that may occur due to these unwanted extra recordings.

BT would only be responsible for their own output such as Moto GP, they aren't that good at doing it either and nor were Sky with their F1.