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Recording live UFC on BT Sport 2 - problems

Carrying out this seemingly reasonable task never used to be a problem, but it's now got to the stage where I'm sat on my sofa in my pants watching the show from Mexico live in the middle of the night, as my Sky box will just not allow me to record this one specific programe.


About a year ago I first noticed that when setting BT Sport 2 to record the UFC a few days in advance, the UFC prelim show would stay in the planner and record fine but the main card which followed immediately afterwards as a separate programme would mysteriously disappear. HD/SD made no difference. So the night before I would have to set the main show to record again and keep my fingers crossed. A call to Sky followed be a 100ish-step trouble shooting reset type session seemed to cure the issue for a couple of months but it soon came back again, so I elected to stick with setting up the recording the night before the event.


But for the last UFC 204 event in October, I came downstairs in the morning to find that my Sky box was all frozen up, with all channels saying technical fault, and both UFC programmes showing "FAILED" in the status column. And now the exact same thing has happened today except I'm now in front of the tv at 2:30am having reset the box, only able to watch not record.


If I try to select record on ANY other channel it's not an issue. If I stay on BT Sport 2 and move along to Gillette World Sport at 5:30am I can record that no problem. Can anyone shed any light on why this is? Predictably so far BT have told me it could only be an issue with the box, while Sky have said there is no issue from their side.


I pay £26.99 per month to watch one sport, all I want to do is record it and watch it the following morning without knowing the result. Is this a UFC restriction issue? I just want to know where I stand and not be fobbed off.



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