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Refund Credit Balance

I moved to another provider earlier this year and a credit balance remains on my BT account but I can't find a way of requesting a refund. Any ideas on how to request this?

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Re: Refund Credit Balance

Hi @rileyliam welcome to the forum and thanks for your post. Sorry that you have not received your refund. If this is the first bill since your account closed check the bill reference has an "F" in the reference and if so then it will be refunded automatically. If you have received more than 1 bill since moving or your bill has a "Q" or "M" in the bill reference then please Live Chat with the billing team and choose "my account and billing" and then "something else" and they will be able to process your refund.



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Re: Refund Credit Balance

Hi John, this chat process no longer seems to be in place. In the link you provided the Account and Billing section leads to different options than you've suggested, and there is no chat option only a call option. The banner says only to call if it's urgent due to Coronavirus.

This refund isn't an urgent issue (it's been outstanding for months), so I'm not really left with any obvious avenues to resolve it. Any ideas? Thanks
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