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Refund for BT Fon

I am moving house so had my internet access disconnected.  My laptop picks up a weak signal for BT Openzone or BT Fon so I tried connecting through that.  I worked my way through the page to buy 1 days access, then the signal disappeared.  I am now totally unable to even get to any screen that will allow me to use the code that was sent to my mobile or to use the service I have paid for.


In light of that, I have now purchased an internet dongle for mobile broadband so will never use the 1 day pass I purchased even if I could use it which I am unable to do since it wont even let me connect anymore to the service.  I have searched pretty much every page on the BT Fon site but can find no way to contact anyone to request a refund.  This is the only site I can find under google which this is discussed.



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Re: Refund for BT Fon

Hi welcome to the forum

This is a customer to customer self help forum personally i have never come across this sort of request for a refund i have found this number it may be worth you trying BT FON helpdesk at 0800 022 3322 select the BT FON/OPENZONE  option4

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Re: Refund for BT Fon

Same problem,


Can't call the helpdesk because I only have a mobile phone and it will be charged. The only reason for buying access through a local BTFon enabled hub was the lack of landline at the moment, having just moved into a new place. I think the hub owner must have switched it off shortly after I parted with my money! What to do? Can't afford to just write off my hard earned cash when I'm on the minimum wage.

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Re: Refund for BT Fon

There was a thing that should still work even though it is from the pre-mobile era. This mythical creature is called a Phone Box and it is believed that they once lived on the streets of the UK. If you can find one of these and it has the letters BT on it then legend has it that they will grant you the use of a thing called a corded phone within these phone box beasts and if proper homage is given then 0800 numbers can be daled for free from said beasty.

Good luck in your quest and do not faulter.


LoL The servers are down for patching today so got a little carried away. So yes any public payphone will let you phone a 0800 number for free.

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Re: Refund for BT Fon

a good reply i like the humour
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