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Refund of credit balance

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Hi - we ended our landline and broadband contract in BT earlier this year and as a result currently have a credit on our account. The website help states that we should receive a refund within 14 days of our final bill (dated 5th August 2020) and we were expecting that to be credited through the monthly  direct debit (normally around the 13th of the month) but as of today (20th August 2020) have not received it.   

Can you please advise how we go about getting a refund of our credit balance?


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Re: Refund of credit balance

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When the account is closed, 7 - 10 working days later a final bill is subsequently produced. This automatically triggers any credit on  the account to be refunded back to you. If there is an active DD on the account it should be sent via bank transfer which usually takes a further 3-5 working days, but can differ provided the amount as needs to get processed by your bank also.

If you have still not recieved this I would check

1. The final bill to see if this was a debit or credit balance (as this could have ate the credit)

or, if this is not the case,

call the billing team on 0800 800 150 and they should be able to check into the status of the credit for you.



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Re: Refund of credit balance

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Hi Ben - many thanks for your reply.

What you have described below is what I was expecting to happen as there was, as far as I was aware, still an active DD on the account, but it appears that the credit balance would have stayed on the account until such time as we requested it to be refunded.

Thinking about it a bit more  I think the words "when the account is closed" may be the key here - I've checked and we still have the basic email package with BT which implies that the account is still open and possibly may explain why the automatic refund didn't kick in?

No matter - as you've suggested, we've called the billing team and the credit balance has now been refunded to our bank account.

Many thanks again for your help.

Kind regards 


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