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Refund wont be paid until April

Having recently upgraded from broadband 1 to broadband 2 to reduce costs (yes reduce even though the features are improved - inertia and loyalty can be expensive!) - I also agreed to pay the annual charge of £129 to reduce the line rental charge. The £129 was taken immediately


As a result of the changes I am owed £50+. (advance charges etc)


As part of the changes it seems I am now online billing - and have been waiting for an update to let me know that my refund is on the way.


Following a call with the Indian call centre this morning (eventually speaking with sangram chandra) I am told that a refund will not be made until my next billing cycle in April and this is a 100% rule - no exceptions


Apparently I should have been aware that the refund would only be made in my next billing cycle - and should have asked the question at the time of agreeing to the change.  It seems it is not the responsiblity of the tele sales person to tell me such detail. The only pertinent detail given was the cooling off period on the £129


Had this been explained to me then I would have waited until my billing cycle to change my options (and to pay the £129) - or maybe I should have followed my initial decision to get the necessary code to move from BT


I'm not usually a forum user - but the responses from the indian call centre and having no chance of contacting the person who initailly took my order has forced this. (The only alternative being to write to the BT Correspondence Centre)


Is this fair and reasonable - for my £50+ to be held until my next bill is produced


Also why can the indian call centre not send confirmation emails


Hopefully a moderator will be able to reduce my annoyance (but not sure if this will be picked up without a direct email to the moderators)


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Re: Refund wont be paid until April

Hi 629321


The £129 is a payment for a years line rental up front.  Any packages for phone line or broadband are charge separately to this.


So any change to your broadband option or your calling plan have no impact on the £129 line rental payment.


Any advance charges for Broadband Option 1 will be given back next bill, however as the advance charges should be at a lower rate than that of Broadband Option 2 you will not have lost out.


I hope this helps and that I have understood the point you a re driving at.  If not could you drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.



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Re: Refund wont be paid until April

Why do people say Indian call centre and make it pronounced? Do they think it makes any difference who gives them the message?
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Re: Refund wont be paid until April

For the simple reason that offshore callcentres are well known for giving incorrect information. This may be down to language differences or poor training.


For example, my broadband connection was running slowly. I diagnosed a capped IP profile very quickly. I called BT's call centre, who said they'd sort it in a few days. They didn't. I then tried the online chat service who suggested my contract was an old capped 2mbit one, rather than the up to 8mbit one I had purchased not two weeks previously and I should contact sales. In the end I contacted the UK based mods on here who had the problem sorted within days.

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