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Regular weekly loss of connection

Can anyone suggest a solution to my problem? For about the last 4 or 5 weeks I seem to lose my BB connection. every Monday night for most of the evening.


My black router displays solid blue lights to which my pc is directly connected by means of an ethernet cable.


After a very bad experience with the BT fault system about two years ago, I dread raising a new fault. It took nearly a month many - many phone calls to the help desk and never the same person twice and three missed appointments by BT.



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Re: Regular weekly loss of connection

Next time it happens, can you please provide your ADSL stats and then forum members should be able to help.


Make sure that your home hub is plugged into your phone master socket. If you have any extension wiring, then can you try the home hub in the "test" socket, if you have a master socket like this.


Line Box Socket




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Re: Regular weekly loss of connection



Ive been having the same problem, spoke to BT in india and the they got me todo this:


click on start, all programs, accessories then command prompt and type in the following:


netch winsock reset catalog


and press enter.


You will have to restart afterwards.


Im not saying this will work for you but after weeks of having to reset my home hub 2 ( all lights are blue but no connection) and then having to click on diagnose and repair this seems to have cured the problem.


Maybe someone with more knowledge will be able to clear up what the above does.



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Re: Regular weekly loss of connection

if poorjonny suggestion does not work then can you conenct to the test socket shown in keith's post and then post you adsl stats from your router please

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