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Reliability issues... no kidding.

I have been constantly trying to get my broadband connection up so I can configure my Cisco router and after 10 hours of trying to connect and speaking to the support desk nothing has come of it.

The service messages state as seen below that the service has an MSO at the exchange which is affecting all of the numbers below.  You would think that BT would have some sort of redundancy systems in place to stop such events happening.

Maybe they should look at more ways to keep a regular servie so that half of London does not suffer outages like this again.

Come on guys get your act together!


Dialling codes affected:  0207, 0208 and 0203

Estimated time to resolve: 2hrs

We know that some of our customers in the London area are having trouble getting online at the moment. Sorry about this. We're working to fix the problem as quickly as we can.

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Re: Reliability issues... no kidding.

service outages happen with all services gas electricity tv services all have outages something the modern world has to put up with redundancy is built in but equipment can fail recent example happened in Scotland operating equipment failed and redundancy failed as well without warning
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