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Relocation of ONT and BBU - Baby Coming Soon

So we've had BT Inifinity for a couple of years now and when the nice chap came (from OpenReach I presume) to install the Fibre ONT I had no idea where was best for him to put it.

We live in an semi-attached barn conversion, so imagine plenty of very thick stone walls. It is also upside down, so our main living area is situated on the first floor and our bedrooms are on the ground floor. My home office is situated in the roof space on a mezzanine on the opposite side of the house to the 'living room' where our TV and 'boxes' are situated.

So, in order not too pi$$ the missus off ("you can have it where you like provided I can't see any wires"), I opted to have the ONT placed in a spare bedroom on the ground floor; this has turned out to be the worst position I could have chosen for it.

Firstly, whilst I have managed to get acceptable WiFi throughout the house via a mesh network, the drop off to my office is 80% of what I am paying for. As a result I have been contemplating for some time the idea of trying to install some wired networking to the living area and my office. However, the ONT is located at the farther physical point away from my office in the roof 😞

Secondly, and now more importantly, we are expecting a new arrival to the family, and yes, the spare bedroom has been turned into a nursery. However the missus is really unhappy that there is a small unit in front of the ONT and BBU with my router, a Mac Mini, a mesh wifi disc, an Ethernet switch, and a NAS (there's probably more there but hopefully you get the picture). Far from ideal in the nursery and I am now under orders to move it!

So, my thoughts have moved from getting someone to install some Ethernet externally up/round the outside of the house, to actually paying to move the ONT and BBU as well to a better location so there is nothing at all in the nursery.

Realistically, the best place for the ONT is somewhere on the first floor, or maybe even in the roof space in my office (I could relocate all the hardware to the office). I would then be able to get a much better WiFi signal into the living room as there will be less internal walls/floors to go through.

So, after all that backstory, I guess my questions are:

1) I believe OpenReach are the only people allowed to relocate the ONT. Does any body have an idea of the approximate cost of this?

2) Is my idea of them moving the ONT into my roof space (effectively under a slate tiled roof) practical, the wiring would have to run up the front of the house (not internally through the main living area).

3) If I decide to go ahead, what is the best contact number to speak to the right people for a relocation booking?


Thanks for your time reading my long and boring post!

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Re: Relocation of ONT and BBU - Baby Coming Soon

1) Yes Openreach are the only ones who can do it for you. Cost: Haven't a clue and I doubt anyone else here has either.

2) I see no reason why not, you are paying for it after all.

3) All enquiries should be made via the FTTP team. 0800 587 4787

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Re: Relocation of ONT and BBU - Baby Coming Soon

Only a suggestion:

Leave the ONT and BBU where they are but box them in, get a 100m cat 6 cable and move the router higher up which should improve wi-fi coverage.

PS, if you decide to go with this then please don't tell your missus I suggested it, make out it was your idea 🤣

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Re: Relocation of ONT and BBU - Baby Coming Soon

Yes the ONT can be moved and yes it does have to be done by Openreach.

Moved quite a few in the past couple of years for various reasons. 

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