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Remembered on transfer, now number reallocated

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My first post but have had the line go dead on me too many times while phoning...

We transferred service from sky to BT last week, having gone through the process to ensure we kept 'our' number during the transfer. On transfer day we found out we had been renumbered so made the call to get the number back. We were told the number was safe as they don't get reallocated or 3 weeks because of instances just like this.

2 days later we had been renumbered but to yet another number and not our original. On making the next call (possibly 2 or 3 later as the standard response to difficult calls seems to be to end the call) we were told that the number had been reallocated.

In all we have had 3 call where we have been promised something. During all 3, none of the promises have been delivered. It is deeply frustrating as we receive plenty of apologies but no remedies. I now have to contact all and sundry to change the number on record.

If I dial the original number, I get no response.

Is it actually possible to get the number back at this stage? Is the 'safe for three weeks' story true?

Thanks for reading this far, I'd value some rational and reliable input.
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Re: Remembered on transfer, now number reallocated

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@Scimmyben I'm really sorry your transfer to BT has not went smoothly. We'll be happy to look into getting you number back if it's possible. Please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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