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Remote Recording Options For Extra Room Users

So Youview & TalkTalk are dropping the TV remote programming apps leaving only the BT TV app.

However a BT TV contract is needed to use this even though you have BT internet.

Previously if you had BT Extra room you could use one of the non-BT apps to remotely programme one of your units & the BT TV app for the other one.

After April just what are BT TV customers expected to do if they have more than one Youview box as the app only links to one box?

And what about allowing the BT TV app to be restricted just to BT internet users with a BT ID?

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Re: Remote Recording Options For Extra Room Users

we have 1 bt tv and 1  extra box  and 2 retail boxes around the house so we use bttv app and fv app on one mobile and the same on another so all 4 boxes were covered .we also have chromecast dongles that we can cast bttv to .   i read on the you view community website that the talktalk planner app works the same as yv (no log in ) but this too is closing . the remote recording was one of the main selling points of fv . the app opened on the guide  but bt app opens the main page then you have navigate to full listings . 

i suspect you will not be able to get a retail box soon but only from bt plus net and talk talk . 

i hope like you that bt will come up with some thing that will allow more that 1 box per app and or let retail boxes   use the app     without logging in

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Re: Remote Recording Options For Extra Room Users

sorry not fv( freeview ) but youview yv
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