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Remote printing via HH3



I would like to set up my printer at home (HP LaserJet 1130 MFP) so that I can send documents to it to print straight away while I am at work or out and about.


If it works, I'll plug my printer directly into my BT Home Hub 3 via USB or Ethernet cable (it is not a wireless printer). If not, then I am happy to buy an external print server from somewhere for £25 and connect my printer to that.


I have Windows Vista Home Premium on my home PC. I understand that this rules out Remote Desktop, which is not supported by Vista.


Would I therefore need to set up a home VPN and does anyone have a step by step guide for doing so? Does anyone have any alternative suggestions please?


Many thanks.


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Re: Remote printing via HH3

Not too sure about printer setups, keith can probably help you out there.


Remote Desktop is supported in Vista...


There are plenty of VPN services on the Internet, you could buy a license for TeamViewer and you can access your PC from any computer and even some mobile phones now I believe.

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Re: Remote printing via HH3

Thanks ryant704.


I'll investigate Remote Desktop first.


I was wondering if there was a way of doing this with my home PC turned off and only the printer switched on, to save power. But might be a bit optimistic.

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