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Removal of 'Closed Account' for my credit file


Can anyone point me in the right direction for a method of removing an old, now, 'Closed Account' with BT from my credit history?

The account was closed in April 2018 but due to a late payment in July 2014 (all other payments were on time), the record is dragging down my credit score and affecting my ability for a mortgage application.

Equifax is the only CRA reporting the discrepancy but I'm hoping someone working for BT monitors this forum and can help!

NB. I have no access to the old account numbers to quote references.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Removal of 'Closed Account' for my credit file

If the information is not correct you can raise a dispute with Equifax. See link

How can I dispute information on my Equifax Credit Report?

If the information is correct but viewed as a negative report, Equifax generally remove it after 7 years.

How Long Does Information Stay on my Equifax Credit Report | Equifax

BT state if the information is correct but the late payment has been settled, it is generally left on your credit score for six years.

 BT Credit Files explained | BT Help

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Re: Removal of 'Closed Account' for my credit file

Great, thanks for your help

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