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Removing a BT debt from credit file

Hi, please could someone advise of a quick way of removing an aged debt from your credit file.  I have applied for a mortgage and a BT debt was showing on there from 2018!!  I knew nothing about it as they had an incorrect billing address for me.  I paid it yesterday instead of disputing it as I just want it removing asap.

I was told it could take a month to update however I need it taken off sooner as I need to sort a mortgage and this is proving to be an issue with borrowers.  I have tried contacting BT by phone but i'm not getting anywhere.  I spent 5 hours on the phone yesterday and was unable to resolve.

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Removing a BT debt from credit file

Raise a dispute with Equifax and they will contact BT and investigate, see Credit Dispute 

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