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Renaming android wifi devices on a Home hub 5 and some setup questions

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20141216_012554 cropped thinned.jpgHi.

Later today I should be connected to BT infinity, an engineer is due to call  this a.m. for a "fibre to the cabinet" installation.


1) I have been nosing around the admin in the Homehub 5 and if an Android devive is connected, via wifi, the device name, as it appears in the Home-hub's connected devices list is meaningless. Is there a way to change this/these name/s?

It can be done on my old router, I have, but I didn't notice any method on the home hub 5.


2) Is the wifi signal strength coming from the hub dependant on its orientation eg vertical, either upright on its feet or hung by its feet, ------v -------- laid flat on either its front or back?

Though unlikely, if I were to place the router where my existing one is it would be suspended, as shown in the attachment, from the underside of a shelf and, for practical purposes, probably with its front facing down.

Ditto does the signal strength depend on whether the wifi device is 'in front of' or 'to the side of' or 'behind' the home hub?


3) the bumph that I have read suggests that the engineer can install up to 30m of cabling to allow the home hub to be positioned near a power point. I am however uncertain as to the type of cable, it seems to me that it should be the normal broadband-filter--socket to back-of-the-'router' type cable but I am fairly sure I have seen mention of the possible cable being an ethernet cable which I thought was the name of the LAN cables used to physically connect a device to a router. Which type of cable can the engineer fit?




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Re: Renaming android wifi devices on a Home hub 5 and some setup questions

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Cracked the android name thing. After logging in -> advanced settings -> home network -> DHCP table, there click on the 'offending' device's name and another window opens where the name can be changed, when changed click apply.


3 = broadband-filter-socket to back-of-the-'router' type cable

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